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Organize your closet with these creative luggage storage ideas. Find practical solutions to maximize space and keep your luggage neatly stored away.
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The holiday travel season is upon us! This means we’re all once again digging through our hall closets and garage storage to find our favorite carry-on bags… well, not all of us! Some of the most practical specialty closets I’ve been commissioned to design over the years are for stowing away luxury

Makhaile Lejone
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For those of us who don’t have much closet space (let alone garages, attics, or basements!) where oh where are we supposed to store our luggage? Sure, there are some decent soft-sided suitcases out there, but many of the most durable suitcases are not exactly beautiful and they have hard sides and take up some serious space. One solution comes from the folks over at the blog In Decent Order who screwed in hooks high up on the wall of a large closet to hang their luggage from.

Tracey Milburn