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Colorful 35 Hand – Drawn Magic Skills and Abilities for your Fantasy or RPG game. Buffs and debuffs, animal spirits, elemental power, attack and defence. Names of Skills in preview just for example. But sure you can use them if you would like Size: 256×256 Icons are available in PSD and PNG formats More Arrows, Shields, Swords, Staffs and Magic Icons you can find here

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31-ene-2020 - Description *venom icon update 1/10/2020* *2019 update* Illusion magic and space *lava icon updat 2/11/2020* *sheet revamp* 3/4/2020* All the descriptions for dragons bio classifications types will soon be released in detail with traits and abilities. Elements: Dragon elements: Common Fire Wind Earth Water Ice Electricity Nature Uncommon Metal Venom Light Shadow Sound Lava Storm Rare Crystal Illusion Other world info- Stray star: Dragon stats Guild Emblems -Stray stars…

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