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||BOOK 2|| ||Sequel of Regina In Revenge|| ||THIS BOOK CANNOT BE READ AS A STANDALONE|| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Russo's are back in New York. It's been months since that dreadful day in the infirmary room of the English Mafia's warehouse. Artemis is happy with how are world is revolving; loving brothers, caring father, friends to die for and much more. A family she wished for is here. But what she has no idea about is, what's coming her way…

Jessica Clough
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Adam LaMothe (Painting, Class of 2012): "My current body of work explores embarrassment, vulnerability and absurdity through a series of intimate portraits." Nicholas Borelli (Painting, Class of 2012): "In my current series I'm trying to channel Kafka and Cronenberg to explore human/insect transformations." Angela Gram (Painting, Class of 2012): "My work addresses human decay and intends to challenge this taboo through the aesthetics of nature."

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