Manure management

Discover practical and efficient techniques for managing manure on your farm. Improve nutrient recycling, reduce environmental impact, and enhance soil fertility with these innovative manure management strategies.
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Composting is the process of allowing organic materials to decompose in a more or less controlled setting, so that the resulting material can be used as a beneficial soil additive. For gardeners and farmers, composting is an essential...

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Some farms are more susceptible to muddy conditions than others. Mud is a result of prolonged wet soil conditions, which is often dependent on soil type and topography. After a rainstorm or spring snowmelt, clay soils drain more slowly than sandy soils and are therefore more prone to muddy conditions. In addition, muddy conditions are more likely to occur in areas of low elevation because runoff water tends to accumulate in these areas.

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On farms with small acreage, everything in the horse farm management system needs to fit together neatly and efficiently — especially with respect to the farm’s neighbors and the ecosystem. Two Horse Ranch, a five-acre horse property has implemented several sustainable day-to-day barn management practices in an effort to be a more environmentally conscious horse farm.

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