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LVIII housing complex. Master plan Copyright: © Archimatika Urban, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban Design Plan, Urban Design Diagram, Architecture Site Plan, Architecture Design, Landscape Plan, Architecture Rendering

The concept of the housing complex named LVIII is all about graceful inclusion of towers into the historical part of the city, as well as organizing an orderly and at the same time intriguing rhythm of volumes. Essentially, this is an image of a city growing upwards step by step.

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Bangladesh is a land full of resources yet the economic security of its considerable portion of population is at stake today. Especially the economy of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), the home of several ethnic communities (EC), is weaker than the rest of the country. Statistics shows, the average household income of Chittagong Hill Tracts is...

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As part of an ambition to transform Merwede in southwest Utrecht, an urban plan design, led by Marco.Broekman has been underway since 2016 with a definitive design endeavor under development this year. Simply called Merwede, the new neighborhood includes 6,000 dwellings, high-quality public...

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