Messy garden

Embrace the beauty of a messy garden with these inspiring ideas. Create a natural and enchanting outdoor space that attracts wildlife and brings joy to your everyday life.
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Last season’s trend was hygge, the Danish style which means to feel cosy. However, creating a garden that made you feel hygge was actually no easy task! So, how about wabi-sabi and the art of the imperfect garden? Beauty in imperfection, wabi-sabi (侘寂) is a […]

Reira 95
How to Clear a Messy Garden - Organize Planting Flowers, Nature, Gardening, Garden Organization, Pulling Weeds, Dry Leaf, Plant Needs, Plastic Pots, Home And Garden

Few years ago, I’ve managed to clear out my extremely messy garden. Often termed as ‘messy mini jungle’ but some friends, I decided to clean it up once and for all. If you are like me, having no prior experience in gardening and cannot differenciate plants from weeds, I want you to know that with

Amie MacMaster

I suppose that given that we were not far from Middle Earth – or so the map indicated – I shouldn’t have been surprised to happen upon a garden that gave every indication of being created by a hobbit and a very industrious ho

Heather M.