Middle eastern dishes

Explore a world of flavors with these mouthwatering Middle Eastern dishes. From aromatic spices to delightful flavors, discover the perfect recipe to satisfy your cravings today.
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Batata harra is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with crispy, spicy potatoes, flavored with garlic, chili, and cilantro. This Lebanese dish is perfect as a vegetarian appetizer, a side dish, or as part of a mezze platter. This recipe can be made in the oven or the air fryer.

Melissa Brady
Malfoof (Stuffed Cabbage Leaves) - Fufu's Kitchen Stuffed Peppers, Cabbage Head, Cabbage Rolls, Cabbage, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Cabbage Leaves, Small Tomatoes, Cabbage Soup, Boiled Cabbage

In the Middle East, stuffing vegetables is very common. One of the most popular are Malfoof, which are stuffed green cabbage leaves. These are filled with minced meat & seasoned rice then rolled in pre-boiled cabbage leaves which then simmers in a pot for hours. This dish is so worth all the effort!

Lana Bachok