Milano cookies

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Milano cookies, the perfect combination of rich chocolate and delicate crunch. Explore our top ideas to enjoy these delectable treats in a variety of creative ways.
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When you can't make yoga, when you have 10 minutes before getting the kids from school, when you just need a little me-time, Pepperidge Farm Milano Chocolate Mint Cookies are there for you. Delicate, sweet and oh, so indulgent, Milano cookies are that special treat your day needs - your me-time must-have. Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Chocolate Cookies sandwich rich minty, dark chocolate between two crispy, baked cookies. Milano cookies combine delicious ingredients with the skill and care of…

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Elevate any moment with Pepperidge Farm Milano Milk Chocolate Cookies. Delicate, sweet and oh so indulgent, our classic milk chocolate cookies feature rich, luxurious milk chocolate between two crisp baked cookies. Enjoy these elegant sandwich cookies with a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, or pair them with a glass of wine after […]

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