Explore the fascinating world of minerals and their wide range of uses. Learn about the different types of minerals and how they can enhance your daily life.
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Minerals Alphabet - Watercolor Illustration An illustration of 26 minerals painted in watercolor and labeled in handwritten text. A mineral for each letter of the alphabet! Minerals featured are: Azurite, Beryl (green variety aka Emerald), Copper, Dolomite, Erythrite, Fluorite, Garnet, Hauyne, Ice, Jadeite, Kyanite, Limonite, Magnetite, Nepheline, Olivine, Pyrite, Quartz (purple variety aka Amethyst), Rhodonite, Serpentine, Turquoise, Uraninite, Vauxite, Wardite, Xenotime, Yarrowite, Zircon…