Minoan art

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Minoan art and discover the secrets of this ancient civilization. Uncover top ideas and inspirations to bring the essence of Minoan art into your own creative endeavors.
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Arthur Evans reconstruction of the Dolphin Frescos, Knossos Minoan archaeological site, Crete .. Visit our GREEK HISTORIC PLACES PHOTO COLLECTIONS for more photos to download or buy as wall art prints https://funkystock.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Pictures-Images-of-Greece-Photos-of-Greek-Historic-Landmark-Sites/C0000w6e8OkknEb8 . Visit our MINOAN ART PHOTO COLLECTIONS for more photos to download as wall art prints…

Jitka Rychlíková
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Considering I have mountains of OCs I probably shouldn't have favourites, but Minoa's probably my favourite. She's just a strange little bundle of fun! She's also a big fan of shiny minerals and metals, even unfashionable ones. But where'd she go? What happened to her? Who is she really, under the piles of pearls and jewellery? Nobody knows, she's gone forever and never coming back.

Louise Cui
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Yiannis Nanouris An eclectic collection of murals consisting of bas relief, high relief, frescoes, friezes and mosaics including classic frescoes from ancient Crete and Egypt and stone reliefs from Mesopotamia. A large body of Art Deco wall reliefs and Mid Century murals are also on display with a selection of new contemporary pieces. Fernand Legers's 'Femmes au Perroquet' (Woman with a Parrot), which he painted nearly 70 years ago, looks stunning in a bronze relief of fluid perspective and…

Moushomi Chowdhury