Mirror makeover

Give your home a fresh new look with a mirror makeover. Discover creative ideas to update your mirrors and enhance the style and functionality of your space.
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Hello, amazing friends, and welcome back! Today, I'm sharing what I did with this thrift store mirror: It was marked $15.25, but all yellow tags were 50% off that day, so I got it for half that. I love a sale at the thrift store! Someone mentioned to me that the top of this mirror

Everet Villarreal
There is a gold arch mirror sitting on a peach coloured seamless paper backdrop on the ground, to the bottom right of the image with the word "After" written below it with an arrow pointing to the image. The mirror has hardwood accents that give it a vintage look, and reflects a studio in the background. In the top left corner of the image there is a photo of the mirror originally, with a wooden brown finish, with the word "Before" written above it and an arrow pointing to it. Interior, Upcycling, Upcycled Mirror Frame, Old Mirror Makeover Diy, Refurbished Mirror, Anthropologie Mirror, Vintage Gold Mirror, Mirror Frame Paint, Spray Paint Mirror

I went dumpster diving where I found this old second hand arch mirror that I thought would make a great Anthropologie Gold Gleaming Primrose Arch Mirror DIY dupe! I upcycled this thrifted find using my thrift flip skills, hot glue, gold spray paint, and hardwood accents from the hardwood store on a complete budget. Click to find out how to do it yourself with your own secondhand upcycle, including full instructions and tools you'll need list!

Shannon Knight