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Discover the must-have model making tools that every hobbyist needs. From precision knives to cutting mats, find everything you need to bring your models to life.
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Make a Modelers Orbital Sander Out of a Toothbrush: I make a lot of models and since I am always short of cash, improvisation is the norm. So trying to sand a new coat of primer in the tiny crevices of a model I had the brain wave to use an electric toothbrush as an orbital sander. 5 minutes later, s…

Tango of the Geeks
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When I was 7 years old, I had some birthday vouchers to spend so Mum dutifully took me to the toy store where I spent probably an irritatingly long time agonising over which model kit I wanted to buy. I remember that my eyes were way bigger than my ability in model making at that age and I selected a huge kit of a white Landrover Defender as it was the biggest model my vouchers could afford. I slaved away with the polystyrene cement for days making a right mess, but eventually my kit was…

Gianni Spoletto