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Explore the finest in classy & elegant old money men's outfits for winter, fall, summer & autumn at From formal to casual, discover modern ideas for aesthetic old money look, including millionaire & rich guy outfits. Find inspiration in old-fashioned men's attire, featuring beige, black & brown baggy jeans, paired with Doc Martens. Embrace #80saesthetic with 1980s-style men's fashion, retro outfits & men's 80s fashion. Elevate your style with #oldmoneyaesthetic…

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The Role of Fashion in the construction of identityIn increasingly liberalized societies, the individual is becoming more and more central to our view of the world. The construct of normality in the sense of conformity is becoming progressively blurred. Diversity has replaced the uniformity of the last few centuries. Everybody wants to be someone special. Everybody can be someone special.Yet it seems that everybody wears the same.How is it individual to get the same pair of Ugg Boots, Sambas…

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