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Discover how money is created and learn about the factors that contribute to its circulation. Explore the fascinating process of money creation and gain insights into its impact on the economy.
Handmade by Deb: Dollar Bill Animals in Origami Review & GIVEAWAY Origami, Origami Box, Origami Paper, Dollar Origami, Origami Elephant, Origami Rooster, Origami For Beginners, Dollar Bill Origami, Origami Day

Fold some green! Dollar Bill Animals in Origami by origami expert John Montroll features over 30 animal models folded with dollar bills. No US bills? Make some! On page 10 there are several easy ways to approximate the US dollar's proportions using square or rectangular paper. For example, make 3 rectangles for folding by dividing a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch printer paper into equal thirds. This very simple technique is shown below. Another option is to use 3 x 7 inch rectangles. I recommend…

Shelly Shepard-Parrack