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Get ready to dominate Monster Strike with these top tips and strategies. Learn how to build the ultimate team, defeat powerful monsters, and become a champion in this action-packed mobile game.
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Has one of the main Null Abilities Effective against Paladin enemies Low SS damage Class Kinstrength - Increases damage towards Paladin enemies Impossibles/Colossals: Fire: Water: Louis XIII | First Empress Wood: Light: Dark: Tower: File:S++.png Temple: Water (Time) | Water (Carnage) Bump Combos are useful in mob clearing Low stats in general Not many uses for Null Wind and Null Block Sidekick - Increases his Bump Combo damage for mob clearing Impossibles/Colossals: Fire: Water: Koalius…

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Three base Null Abilities Wrecks Etherean enemies and Bosses 8-Turn Null All SS adds versatility Bump Combos provide ally support No Bump Combo damage Dependent on damage walls & Etherean enemies for damage output Class Kinstrength - Increases Slayer damage Class Combo A - Boosts Speed & further increases Slayer damage Class Combo B - Adds bulk & further increases Slayer damage

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3 Null Abilities Base Counter Slayer & Vitality Slayer on Gauge SS can one-shot some bosses even at full HP or with multiple bars SS can ignore Multi-Hit barriers Unreliable Bump Combos and low Speed due to Power Type High SS cooldown Class Kinstrength - Increases Slayer & SS damage Strike Haste - Lowers high SS cooldown Class Kinspeed - Increases low Speed

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