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Get ready for Halloween with these fun and creative Monsters Inc costume ideas. Learn how to make your own costumes and bring your favorite characters to life.
Roz from Monsters, Inc. Costume | Carbon Costume | DIY Dress-Up Guides for Cosplay & Halloween

In Pixar's Monsters, Inc., Roz is a slug-like monster that is in charge of the CDA, and as such, holds all the keys to the children's closet doors at Monsters, Inc. Roz is ever the bureaucrat, always grumpy and blasé that someone has not submitted the proper paperwork, although she reveals a softer

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#CommissionsEarned 4.6 (45) DIY COSTUME ITEMS Boo From The Monster’s Inc. Costume Guide If you’re planning to rock a Boo costume, you’re in for a delightfully charming and comfy adventure. Here’s your ultimate guide to nailing this look: What You’ll Need: Putting It All Together: Now that you’ve got all your Boo essentials, it’s time ... Read more

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