Monthly resolutions

Set monthly resolutions and turn them into lasting habits. Discover effective strategies to stay motivated and make positive changes in your life each month.
Great idea for New Year's Resolutions... set monthly ones that I could possibly stick to! Organisation, Writing, Quotes, Humour, Newyear, Happy New Year, New Year New Me, Humor, Words

Last year, I resolved to memorize something ridiculously long. The book of James. And I failed miserably. I kinda knew I would. I did get the first chapter down…right before I had Will and completely lost any and all brain capacity. I stink at memorizing…I still forget my multiplication tables…which shames my former-math-teacher-father. Seriously though…like ... Read More about I am Resolute

Chantel Duletzke
Life of Lovely: January Journal Prompts + Free Printable PDF Planners, Journal Prompts, Motivation, Life Hacks, Organisation, January Journal Prompts, Journal Entries, Journal Writing Prompts, Self Help

Edit: Updated and completed prompts are available in a printable version through etsy and an ebook version through amazon as of December 2018. Hello! January's journal prompts are here just in time for you to get started with them in 2016. Journaling is a great habit to develop because it allows you to slow down and think. Taking the time to write each day can also help you to reduce your stress levels. Of course, I personally journal because I find it enjoyable, not because I'm looking for…