Mosaic birdbath

Enhance your garden with a beautiful mosaic birdbath. Create a peaceful oasis for your feathered friends and add a touch of artistry to your outdoor space.
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A mosaic is a pattern of irregularly shaped pieces all fitted together to cover a surface. Mosaics can make distinct pictures or shapes out of thousands of smaller pieces, but they don't have any discernible pattern. This fantastic form of artwork can be added to dull spaces, but on what surface can you add a […]

Marian Moore
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Mosaic Bird Baths are so unique all of your friends and neighbors will be envious and want one of their very own. Add a pedestal to your bird bath as a platform. Using a large terracotta saucer, you can create and design the most beautiful mosaic bird bath that doesn’t cost a lot. Use a […]

Kari Bowman