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Discover how the concept of movement is incorporated in architectural designs. Explore top ideas that bring life and dynamism to buildings and spaces.
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I recently participated in a design competition for a mixed use development in Kunming, China that included corporate offices, high-rise residential, conference center and a commercial mall within a compact site. My team was pleased to learn that Kunming, a sister city with Denver, Colorado, was known for a popular Chinese cultural dance named the peacock dance. Inspired by the beautiful solo Peacock Dance by Yang LiPing, we developed our design concept around her movement. I developed a…

Rawan Amr
School that redefines learning Engagements, School Architecture, Design, Museums, Architecture, Education Architecture, Urban Design Competition, Concept Architecture, Architecture Design

The concept of learning through the act of observation and engagement has been incorporated into the design of this school. This main concept informed the spaces and design language of the school. The school is designed to integrate multi-functional spaces and optimised transitional spaces to become usable and occupiable. #Concept Architecture Competition #Urban Design Competition

UNI Architecture competition
Bringing Modularity to Balconies Movable Architecture Concept, Flexible Architecture Concept, Transformation Architecture Concept, Modular Architecture Concept, Balcony Sketch, Movement Architecture, Urban Design Competition, Architecture Design Competition, Architecture Competition

The project is the answer to the questions based on the future balcony. Because of the modularity, “Balco” can have different dimensions. Inspired by origami art the product has flexible shapes that can transform according to the needs. # Concept Architecture Competition # Urban Design Competition # Product Design Competition

UNI Architecture competition