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Explore the world of movie monsters and discover the most terrifying creatures that have graced the silver screen. Get ready for a thrilling journey through the realm of horror and be prepared to be scared!
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Artist Tim Odland sent us this incredible piece of poster art for all you horror fans to enjoy. He calls it " Creeping Horror From the Depths of Time and Space! " It has a really fun and playful retro feel to it, and as you can see, it features portraits of several classic characters fro

Gergely Halász
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Can't choose one? Get all 8 of the Universal Monsters posters in one click for $93.A savings of 40 dollars!! Frankenstein, The Bride, Wolf Man, Invisible Man, Dracula, The Creature, The Mummy, The Phantom all shipped in a solid 15x3 inch mailing tube. • High Quality Digital Art Print • approx. 8"x12" , 12″ x 18″ and 24"x36" variations • Matte Finish (Satin Paper for Canada or available upon request) • Colors may slightly vary from image shown • Frame not included **Do not dry-mount prints –…

Nicole Caitlyn
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This still from the lost film LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (1927) gives a sense of twisted potential. In recent years, a partial restoration has allowed us to see that the mystery surrounding the LON CHANEY vampire role may well be one best left in the dark. Not a remarkable story or overall presentation, but an evocative characterization nonetheless from the silent film legend. On a personal note, I once rendered a powerful dream (which became the cover of this e-book) a couple of years before…

Robert Arzola