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50 Hilarious Dad Posts That Radiate Powerful Dad Energy

Dads have a unique approach to life on Planet Earth. They’ll fully support you while also gently teasing you. They’ll embarrass you while teaching you the most important values to have in life. And their jokes and pranks are some of the best that the internet has to offer. We feel like dads deserve a lot more love and attention than they get. And this article is our way to show our respect to fathers all over the globe.

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An Infographic Guide To Music Licensing - Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog Artist Management Music, Music Hacks, Music Basics, Songwriting Inspiration, Music Engineers, Learn Music Theory, Music Industry Business, Music Theory Guitar, Music Mixing

An Infographic Guide To Music Licensing - Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog

Music licensing can be a confusing morass of legal slings and arrows that most artists and songwriters can’t quite get their arms around. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not easy to navigate either. The following infographic from attorney Joy Butler does a great job at simplifying the process as much as possible. Joy is […]

How to Write Your First Song – Suzette Jamy Music Writing Song Lyrics Ideas, Song Writing Idea, How To Write Song Lyrics Ideas, Ideas To Write A Song, Ideas For Songs Writing, Music Writing Ideas, How To Start Song Writing, How To Right A Song Lyrics, Song Writing Techniques

How to Write Your First Song

Hello and welcome! So glad you found this post. First thing I want to mention about writing your first song, whether it’s just music or music and lyrics, is have fun! There is absolutely no p…

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