Music studio room diy

Create your own music studio room with these DIY ideas. Transform any space into a sound haven and unleash your creativity with top tips and inspiration.
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Trying to set up my home studio was a real challenge for me. I needed a desk that would fit all my gear, from my computer to my keyboard and some audio equipment. I scoured the internet for ideas, but everything seemed either too expensive or not quite right. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I discovered a bunch of DIY studio desk plans and ideas that seemed like they could work for me. First, I picked a simple plan with clear instructions. I didn’t have much…

Darryn Hunt
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Let's say you have an interview-format podcast with a guest who connects via phone or Skype. Or you have a co-hosted podcast with a co-host who connects via phone or Skype. To record this podcast, you need to get both sides of the conversation on tape. But "both sides of the conversation" is a problem for the guy connecting via phone or Skype. He only needs to hear your side, because sending his part of the conversation back to him will come through an echo and is a potential source of…

Сергей Мотовилец