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Explore these insightful narcissism quotes that provide a deeper understanding of toxic relationships. Gain valuable insights and learn how to navigate through narcissistic behavior.
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During a relationship with a narcissist, you feel many negative emotions. But the frustrating thing is that it's difficult to pin down why you feel that way. And it's even more difficult to explain to others how you're feeling. For years in my marriage I had a gut feeling I was being played. And that

Sue Davis
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As I'm sure you know, narcissists have some strange behaviours. And many can be explained by the things they can't stand. Things we wouldn't bat an eye lid to, can cause a narcissist melt down. Once you understand their way of thinking, it's clearer why they behave like they do. And act out over seemingly

Pam Kimble
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Narcissists are people with a inflated personality, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder can be hard to diagnose. Take a look at these best narcissist quotes that can help you understand what it's like to be a narcissist, and what it's like to love someone who has narcissistic tendencies.

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