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Explore the rich history and cultural significance of Native American headdresses. Discover stunning designs and learn about the meanings behind these traditional headpieces.
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Native American chief headdresses are large and ornate, usually made with feathers and beads. According to, these headdresses are called warbonnets and they are worn by the Sioux, Crow, Blackfeet, Cheyenne and Plains Cree tribes.

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Going to a festival this season? Then this accessory is perfect to complete your tribal look. This headband contains a variety of pieces; including natural feathers and wood beads on a brown suede cord. Perfect for festival season! One size fits most. ༓❈ Made in USA ❈༓ Braids with feathers are easily adjustable. Please email me with any questions. Most of our headpieces are READY TO SHIP within a day or two unless stated otherwise. NOTE: ITEM IMAGES DISPLAYED MAY VARY SLIGHTLY TO THE ORDERED…

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Photographer: Annina ZuberCherokee Model: Ylona (who´s wearing our Turquoise Indian Headdress - 95cm) We wanted to take a closer look at the Native American culture and so we put today´s spotlight on the Native Indian languages. It´s time to prove that there’s more to their culture and history than just their impressive headdresses. The Indigenous Indians have a long and rich history. With numerous tribes living in different places, there were over 300 different languages. It was the Native…

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