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Located in Carina and not far from the Southern Cross, NGC 3576, with those sweeping horns of nebulosity, looks like a magnificent Ibex mountain goat. Orion Optics UK AG12 F3.8 Starlightxpress SXVR-H694, SX USB CFW, SX OAG unit + Atlas Focuser SIIHaOIII = 292 260 120min = 11.2hrs total exposure (bin 1X1) Using new Astronomik 6nm Narrowband filters -20C chip temp, flats used but no dark frames. Focal length 1120mm Image scale 0.84"/pix Guide Camera: Starlightxpress Lodestar Comments Taken…

Peggy Kennedy
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IC 1805, an emission nebula approximately 7,500 light years from Earth in the constellation Cassiopeia, is named the Heart Nebula due to its heart shaped appearance. The open star cluster Melotte 15 lies in the middle of the heart. The nebula is part of a large star forming complex in the Perseus arm of the Milky Way galaxy. The bright knot at the lower right (which some might liken to a male body part) is separately classified as NGC 896, and was the first part of IC 1805 to be discovered…

Carol Bax

Gordon Pollock of Keldon Photography specialises in images that the eyes cannot normally see - things that are too small (microscopy), things that are too far away (astrophotography) and things that are too quick (high speed photography).

S. T. Marcus

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