Newborn play

Engage and entertain your newborn with these creative play ideas. Discover activities that promote their development and create special bonding moments.
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I love Montessori in the newborn stage because it is a real reminder of what Montessori is actually about. It’s not about the toys, but about following the child and showing them respect. So much of the newborn stage is responding to their needs, getting to know them as a unique person, holding them

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You’ve waited 9 months to meet your little one! The first few weeks of your baby’s life is pretty simple - eat, sleep, diaper change, and repeat. They are hardly awake during this time, so you won’t need to entertain them much. But once they become more alert, you will want to encourage them to

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Newborn play helps your baby's developing brain, even at this very early age. There are so many things you can do. We give you a whole list and educate you on everything you need to know about newborn play. Newborn activities, what to do with your newborn, how to play with a newborn, how to play with my baby, baby activites. Baby Baby, Play, Infant Activities, Ideas, Newborn Play, Newborn Activities, Newborn, Baby Activites, Milestones

Discover a comprehensive guide to playing, stimulating, and nurturing your newborn in this insightful resource. From the earliest moments of cuddles and coos to introducing age-appropriate toys and interactive sessions, explore a wealth of knowledge crafted to be your trusted companion in the enriching journey of caring for your precious bundle.