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Explore a variety of mouth-watering Nigerian food recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Discover the rich flavors and spices of Nigerian cuisine and start cooking today!
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Moi moi a delicious steamed puréed bean dish usually found in West African menu. It is usually referred to as bean cake or bean pudding. Blender moi moi is hassle free because it is made in the blender and steamed on the stove top. This mouth watering goodness will delight your tastebuds and the best part it's easy to

Adela Rus
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Eforiro is super quick and super delicious and soon you will have a flavour packed pot of bright greens and vibrant reds ready to be devoured. Do you know the best part? We have different kinds of obstacles in it like shaki, meat, shrimp, dry fish... the list goes on. It is also so versatile and It can be eaten with swallow and/or rice #welovetoseeit.

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A message from my mum: “Jollof rice is a typical west African dish served daily in homes. It is also used during celebrations such as birthdays, baby naming ceremonies, weddings and festive periods like Christmas. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, this is how we made ours. We always used DeRica tomato paste. And as for the rice, we’ve always preferred using basmati.”