Nursery office combo

Maximize space and efficiency with these creative nursery office combo ideas. Create a functional and inspiring workspace that seamlessly blends with your baby's nursery.
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Though not exactly tiny, Kim Bui's house still had to fit her family of five and all the various functions they needed during the pandemic — including two home offices and school for three kids — in to her house. She did so by making rooms perform double and triple duty!

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Our tiny nursery/office/guest room. Those without a designated nursery - share your combo space here! - October 2019 Babies | Forums | What to Expect Design, Decoration, Bebe, Baby Boy Rooms, Baby Bedroom, Haus, Toddler Room, Quartos, Baby Room Decor

Yes, I know lots of people never do nurseries, but I’ve always wanted one, and still can’t help feeling a little left out when I see huge, decked-out babies’ rooms. We live in a 900 square foot 2 bedroom condo in an expensive city, so we had to make do with sharing my husband’s office space! His huge...

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Are you looking to double your baby's nursery as a guest room? You are not alone! When expecting a baby, many parents face the dilemma of losing their guest room to make space for the nursery. One possible solution for parents who want to keep their guest room while creating a nursery is to combine the two into a single space- a nursery guest room combo. Here you'll find our favorite nursery guest room ideas to inspire your nursery guest room project. A nursery guest room is a space in a…

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Creating space in your home for a new baby can be an exciting and stressful venture. Sometimes that means giving up your guest bedroom for a nursery. But if you host guests frequently, the guest room may be a sacrifice you don't want to make. Combining your baby's nursery with the guest room is a […]

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