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Achieve optimal health and wellness with the guidance of a knowledgeable nutritional therapist. Find out how a personalized nutrition plan can improve your well-being and reach your health goals.
A Leading Nutritional Therapist Shares Her Wellness Habits | SheerLuxe Nutritional Therapist, Wellness Habits, Morning Rituals, Probiotic Foods, Holistic Nutritionist, Eat The Rainbow, Inspired Recipes, Fermented Foods, 2024 Vision

Gut health specialist and holistic nutritionist Eve Kalinik doesn’t believes nourishing the body doesn’t need toshould be complicated. From morning rituals to how she winds down at the end of a busy week, here are her health non-negotiables…the healthy habits she lives by.

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Frances Phillips is a Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in our very favourite topic – skin and beauty. Having struggled with her own skin as a former model, she understands her patients’ need to take back control when their skin acts out. Rather than masking the symptoms, she focuses on the root causes via nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle … Continue reading "Nutritional Therapist Frances Phillips Shares Her Happy Skin Tips"

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