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Discover unique and creative ways to repurpose old boxes into stylish and functional items. Get inspired to give new life to your old boxes with these top ideas.
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When I first started designing wool appliqué pieces, I was looking for purposeful ways of using them other than table rugs and wall hangings. You can only have so many of those, and I enjoy making things that are useful as well. A practical element in a piece adds its own unique beauty, making it an object not to be simply looked at but also to be used. In looking for new uses for my wool appliqué designs, wallpaper boxes came to mind. I have always found period wallpaper boxes fascinating…

Lorraine Meier
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An intriguing blend of artistry and practicality, these versatile remnants of times past have been sought after for centuries as trusted repositories for everything from tea to trinkets. Whether clad simply in unadorned wood or embellished with inlaid mother-of-pearl designs, they pique our curiosity about what lies within. Like a lovingly wrapped gift, antique boxes

Nila McCollough

About A large Victorian pine and iron bound sea or silver chest. This the heaviest and best quality box that you can imagine, it has heavy iron banding on the outside, a superb and large carrying inset handles and a large latch which can be padlocked The chest has been well used it has few external dings and dents but it is very tough and will take no end of rough treatment, it is made with 1” thick pine and all the metal work is sound. This is an old piece with a Rustic look, it is in sound…