Old campers

Discover unique and creative ways to repurpose and renovate old campers. Get inspired to transform your old camper into a stylish and functional space for your next adventure.
an old camper is parked in front of a house with christmas lights on the windows Camper, Design, Vintage, Rv, Caravan, Retro, Dekoration, Wallpaper, Deco

Hey guys, welcome to 2021. Hope it's treating you well! This year is off to an exciting start because after ONE WHOLE YEAR (how?) we have finally completed our vintage camper remodel. For a little background - we bought this camper in 2019 for $600 with the plan to maybe turn it into a photo booth, maybe just a camper? Honestly we didn't think that we would even have time to touch it in 2020 because we were so busy with our photo booth business - Lamphouse Photo Co. WELP. With all events and…