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Laat je Facebook-profiel opvallen met creatieve omslagfoto's. Ontdek inspirerende ideeën om je profiel een persoonlijke touch te geven en indruk te maken op je vrienden.
We learn to recognize the meaningless, and accept it without fear. If we are fearful, it is certain that we will endow the world with attributes that it does not possess, and crowd it with images that do not exist. To the ego illusions are safety devices, as they must also be to us who equate ourselves with the #ego. #ACIM Papillon, Fotos, Beautiful, Photo, Fotografie, Sanat, Resim, Beautiful Pictures, Dieren

LESSON 13 A meaningless world engenders fear. 1. 1Today’s idea is really another form of the preceding one, except that it is more specific as to the emotion aroused. 2Actually, a meaningless world is impossible. 3Nothing without meaning ex­ists. 4However, it does not follow that you will not think you perceive something that has no […]