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Our 13 Pics Of Humpback Whales Playing With Us, Humans | Bored Panda Animals, Tonga, Resim, Animaux, Dieren, Fotografie, Fotografia, Whale, Paisajes

Our team swims with whales around the world. But the Kingdom of Tonga is something extraordinary. Only here, you can meet face-to-face with 15-meter humpback whales – and they won't go anywhere. They circle you, look at you, wave their fins, hit tails, poke noses at you. And they sing! You can even hear Whale's songs from the beach.

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In The Dark Of The Ocean Waves, Nature, Water, Instagram, Dark Forest Aesthetic, Ocean Wallpaper, Ocean, Sea, Underwater

What is thalassophobia, you may ask? Thalassophobia is a persistent and intense fear of deep water, such as the ocean or sea. What makes this phobia different from aquaphobia — the fear of water in general — is the fact that it centers on vastness, darkness, and depth. People who have this condition are not terrified of getting wet but rather of the might and mystique behind the waves.

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Carbon reservoirs in the ocean floor may have ended the last ice age – and could bubble up again Aesthetics, Waves, Backgrounds, Fotos, Resim, Deep, Deep Blue, Underwater, Underwater Background

A study has found a huge new potential source of carbon emissions: reservoirs of gases trapped at the seafloor, which could be released as the oceans warm up. And the team suggests that these gases belched up from the deep thousands of years ago and put an end to the last ice age.

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