Orange cardamom cake

Indulge in the delightful flavors of orange and cardamom with these mouthwatering cake recipes. Discover how to create a perfect balance of citrusy sweetness and aromatic spice in every bite.
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Super soft and flavorful cake with bright notes of orange and cardamom. This cake is filled with healthy fats and is the perfect way to use up those excess oranges! While this is perfect for anytime of the year, it’s especially great in the fall and winter—perfect for orange season!

Gabriel Rodriguez
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Happy 2017 friends! How is everybody doing? I feel like I have been completely MIA lately. You guys keep asking so nicely for recipes and I keep failing to post them. I’m sorry! I know I’m the worst, but I’m trying to redeem myself here with this one because you guys …this cake. I am

Kimberlee Smith
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Susan Bishop
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I’ve made this cake more than five times in a single week while testing this recipe and I did not get tired of it, which happens very rarely in the process of developing a recipe. Initially, there were no oranges involved—this was supposed to be a simple cardamom olive oil cake—but I’ve had a bunch of oranges to on hand so I decided to incorporate them in this scenario. For personal reasons, I am usually quite hesitant about eating orange peels: It reminds me of this panettone I used to…

Nichola Molloy