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Discover creative ways to organize and store your decorations. Simplify your life and keep your decorations easily accessible with these helpful storage ideas.
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"How do you go about organizing your seasonal decorations?" This is one of the questions I'm asked repeatedly, and today is the day I'm answering it with all the details! But First, Exciting News! Before I jump into sharing how I organize my decor, I am so excited to share that this week we hit

Deb Schneider
#7 is genius - will save me so much time next year! Decoration, Diy, Organisation, Ideas, Storage Ideas, Christmas Storage, Holiday Storage, Holiday Organization, Storage

As I start the process of unpacking my haphazardly stored holiday decor each year, I always think to myself that there must be a better way. So this year I decided to do something about it as part of our Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life series. What did I do exactly? I turned to a pro, of course. I asked our in-house professional organizer, Annie, for her favorite tips! Bookmark or pin them now and save yourself a lot of time and grief at the end of December. It might seem as though this…

Stephanie I Rooted Reservations
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It's officially time to pack away the holiday cheer until next November (or October for all you Christmas Rebels out there.) I'll be the first to admit, this is my least favorite part of the holidays. Taking down the decor can be a daunting task, and not the most fun form of work around the house, that's for sure. However, the way holiday items are packed away at the end of the season, matters more than you might think. Having functional and thoughtful storage systems for you items can set…

Stephanie Ledesma