Oven fried hamburgers

Try our mouthwatering oven fried hamburgers recipe for a healthier twist on a classic favorite. Enjoy juicy and flavorful burgers without the guilt. Get the recipe now!

Here is how to make burgers in the oven for a simple no fuss dinner idea. Plus I share a simple trick to keep your burgers from shrinking as they bake. Oven baked burgers are juicy, flavorful, and can easily be served as a burger or cheeseburger!

Julie Hess Bgoni
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Using ground beef, learn the easiest way to make homemade hamburger patties. Top with your favorite toppings for the best homemade cheeseburgers the whole family will love. An oven baked burgers recipe so easy it only takes 30 minutes to make! Yes, you can make burgers in the oven that bake up juicy and delicious. Learn how to cook hamburgers in the oven to make the best oven burgers with onions you've ever eaten!

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