Painted doors

Transform your home with these creative painted door ideas. Explore different colors, patterns, and designs to add a unique touch to your interior.
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There has been a recent surge in the design trend of painting your interior doors a non-white color. Gone are the days of leaving interior doors plain wood or solid white. Painting your interior doors can add a colorful surprise and be just the design element needed to tie a room together. If you are […]

Colleen Lanier
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I've just finished painting this door for some clients who live in a country farmhouse and love gardening. It's still leaning against the wall in my studio. I used PermEnamel glass paint for the window. This paint is very durable to paint on glass or mirrors. These flowers are among the ones in my garden, the iris, echinacea, and sunflowers. I don't have a trumpet vine.

Chloe Ihrke
Painted doors, new hinges and updated door knobs make this hallway transformation from Southern Hospitality a must-see! Painting Interior Doors, Farmhouse Interior Doors, Interior Door Colors, Painted Interior Doors, Interior Design Minimalist, Interior Vintage, Rustic Doors, Southern Hospitality, Farmhouse Interior

Over my years of home improvement projects, one of the best ways to update a house I've found, is to paint the interior doors a color other than white. I've long been a fan of this practice and it continues into our new house. I've shared part of our painted doors downstairs, as well as changing out the hardware to new and improved, but I've continued upstairs and have finished all of those as well, so wanted to share that with y'all! What a difference it makes! Along with painting doors a…

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