Painting with balloons

Unleash your creativity with these unique painting techniques that involve using balloons. Explore fun and innovative ways to create beautiful artwork with balloons as your paintbrushes.
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Are you bored of just using your brush in creating your paintings? Or are you exploring new materials you can use for your next art project? This unique craft idea by Designer Gemma77 will surprise you! I have painted for years but never thought of using a balloon as a technique to create flowers. You

Doreen Campbell
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Creating Art with a Balloon! This Painting is so soft and pretty. The Balloon creates some beautiful and interesting effects that are hard to recreate... | art, art of painting

Melanie Britt
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In today's acrylic pouring tutorial I will show you how to paint SUPER EASY flower painting with Swipe and Balloon kiss technique. I mix my paints with my pouring medium in 1:1 ratio and water to consistency and add 1 drop of silicone oil for an oz of mixed paint to create some cells. Colours used for this OMBRE Balloon kiss: - Amsterdam Titanium white - Windsor & Newton pale violet - Amsterdam Permanenent blue violet - Vallejo Magenta - Arteza Indian yellow - Arties colours Cadmium…

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