Paleo protein balls

Boost your energy levels and satisfy your cravings with these mouthwatering paleo protein ball recipes. Try these guilt-free snacks for a nutritious and delicious treat.
No Food Processor Paleo Protein Balls! One bowl to make these quick mix energy balls. The perfect healthy snack made with nut butter, honey, hemp seeds and coconut. Yum! #proteinballs #energyballs #paleo #glutenfree Healthy Sweet Snacks, Healthy Meals For Two, Healthy Baking, Coconut Healthy, Paleo Meals, Healthy Dessert, Free Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Recipes

No food processor paleo protein balls! Just one bowl to mix it all together, roll and you're done! Combining nut butter, coconut, hemp seeds, a little honey and your favourite protein powder. The perfect healthy sweet snack! Grain free, gluten free.

Monique Cormack - Nourish Everyday