Pantone 2020

Explore the latest Pantone 2020 color trends for your home décor. Discover inspiring ideas to incorporate the trendy colors into your living space and stay ahead of the design curve.
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Dark Autumn is the season reminiscent of late autumn evenings · when the last rays of the sun fall on the land · the shadows become long · but some warmth of the passing day still remains · Color Palette · Color · Black · Brown · Dark · Grey · Neutral · Fall · FHI Cotton TCX · PANTONE 15-0703 TCX Ashes of Roses · PANTONE 18-1307 TCX Coffee Quartz · PANTONE 18-4214 TCX Stormy Weather · PANTONE 19-0509 TCX Rosin · PANTONE 19-5918 TCX Mountain View

Kamryn Pate