Pantry snack ideas

Satisfy your cravings with these delicious pantry snack ideas. From sweet to savory, discover a variety of quick and easy snacks that you can make using ingredients from your pantry.
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my groceries You guys always want to see what I’m eating.. so here’s my most recent grocery list! I usually shop at Wegmans and I get these as my staple rotation of essentials. I pick up groceries twice a week because it’s too stressful to try and remember everything we need in one swing. It has ch

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Kid’s Zone: Our client’s top request - clear bins so kids can 👀 everything ✅ We used a combo of @idlivesimply bins, @Oxo storage containers and @containerstore labels for this pantry. We decanted snacks to keep them fresh and stored refill

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Healthy kids snacks to buy - Our printable list of 50 kids snacks you can stock up on, packaged snacks that are easy to add to kids lunches or on-the-go

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