Parts of the mass activities

Discover fun and interactive activities to help children learn about the different parts of the mass. Engage their curiosity and deepen their understanding of this important religious ceremony.
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The Order of Mass Worksheet is a helpful tool for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of the Catholic liturgy. This comprehensive worksheet provides a clear and concise breakdown of the different parts of the Mass, including the prayers, responses, and gestures. Designed with the individual in mind, this worksheet serves as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to engage more actively in worship and fully participate in the Mass. Semua orang bisa menggunakan lembar kerja…

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Our faith is one filled with order, rhythm, and structure. Introducing kids to the meaning and richness behind that order, especially of the Mass, can help them understand and enter into worship with all the faithful. I've used a couple of sets of cards about the order of the Mass for years in my classroom for this purpose, but decided to upgrade my handwritten-on-index-cards to these nice printables that I can share with you. We typically use these as station activities during our Eucharist…

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Are you looking for something to help with a lesson or review parts of the mass? If so, this game of I Have...Who Has is perfect! There are 2 types of card sets for I Have...Who Has - Parts of the Mass: I Have with the part of the mass word(s) I Have with the part of the mass definition There are 14 cards for each type of this I Have...Who Has game. There are also a title card and 2 blank cards for each set. The cards are also clearly labeled with the first and last card. You can also play…

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Each year as I teach about the Sacraments, I try to gauge the needs and interests of my students and create activities that are right for them. This year after learning more about the Eucharist, I set up a review week with four tasks related to the Mass. I made four activity sheets to guide their reflections and help me assess their learning. The sheets are all linked below and could be used with a wide range of ages and specific activities. I intentionally did not include written…

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If you’ve never been to a Catholic Mass, or you have, but don’t understand the flow of it, you’ve come to the right place! No more looking around wondering if you should be standing, kneeling or sitting. Once you know what exactly is going on during the Mass, it’s easier to understand what you should […]

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Catholic Mass Checklist for kids! If your kids are busy and sqirmy during church, having something productive or meaningful for them to do can make a huge difference. Using the different parts of mass help your child stay interested by checking off each part of Mass as you do it! From the opening song, to the readings, gospel, homily, Eucharistic prayer, Communion, and more. Fun pictures for Catholic kids to learn more about Mass and stop asking "how much longer" Mass checklist. Mass…

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