Patron bottle crafts

Turn your empty Patron bottles into unique and stylish crafts. Explore a variety of DIY ideas to repurpose your bottles and add a touch of elegance to your home decor.
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Lovely light-up glass bottle with vintage flowers and rope for a rustic look, perfect as a gift all year round! It measures 16cm in height, and 10cm in width, and has a square bottom. This has been hand-painted, decoupaged, and finished with several layers of varnish for protection. It's stylish and complements any room! When cleaning, wipe down with a dampened cloth.

Carole Zoeller Tomamichel
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These bottles are made to be sturdy. Just pick one up - it's heft is readily felt. Definitely not fragile or easily tipped. Its glass is thick, reminding me of the thick, bubble glass of old-fashioned tile blocks used to build designer half walls. The thick cork on top makes a super secure stopper plus adds to the whole design. Classy enough that lots of people have been reluctant to just toss it in the trash or recycle bin when empty. A few years ago the company even sponsored a contest…

Julie Rutherford