Pattern photography

Explore stunning pattern photography ideas that will mesmerize you. Discover how patterns can add depth and interest to your photos, and get inspired to capture unique and captivating images.
Manmade Patterns and Uncanny Shadows Photographed From Above by JP and Mike Andrews | Colossal Composition, Photography, Aerial Arts, Photography Design, Art Design, Pattern Photography, Photographer, Aerial Drone, Aerial Photography Drone

U.K.-based brothers JP and Mike Andrews began taking aerial photographs of the Earth after a year-long trip experiencing the incredible landscapes found in the Australian Outback. Using a drone, the pair have continued to capture natural and manmade scenes across the world, stumbling upon unique patterns that can only be discerned from above. JP and Mike are attracted to sights that exemplify how “weird and wonderful the world can look from above,” such as the shadow from a cargo ship…

Clifford Kauffman