Peach kombucha

Discover refreshing and flavorful peach kombucha recipes that you can easily make at home. Boost your gut health and enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of this probiotic-rich drink.
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Experimenting with different flavors is for me, one of the most fun parts of home brewing kombucha. After creating and tasting dozens of different brews, peach has emerged as one of my favorite kombucha flavors to make. Peach kombucha is kombucha that has been flavored during the brewing process of second fermentation with peach slices, chunks, puree, or juice. The peach gives the kombucha a sweet and tangy flavor that nicely compliments the strong bitter, sour, and vinegary flavors of the…

Rachel Koster
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We believe you have already mastered making traditional kombucha with black tea and are ready to experiment with new flavors. So, what is flavored kombucha? After you make your first batch of kombucha you can naturally flavor the beverage by adding fruits, spices and/or herbs to further ferment the drink. This process is also known […]

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This Peach Kombucha Recipe is for one 16 fluid ounce bottle. For a gallon batch, make seven bottles. To scale this recipe to a gallon batch, multiply the ingredients by seven or toggle the serving size up to seven above. Before bottling your kombucha, remove the SCOBY pellicle along with 12-16 ounces of kombucha starter tea from your brew, and reserve for your next batch.

Rebecca Parker