Peanut butter crunch

Indulge in the irresistible combination of peanut butter and crunch with these mouthwatering recipes. Find easy and creative ways to enjoy this classic treat.
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Peanut Butter Crunch Bars are an easy no bake dessert recipe made with base made from crunchy peanut butter, Rice Krispies, corn syrup, peanut butter baking chips and all topped with a layer of chocolate.

Jessica Wilson
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The BEST homemade 4 ingredient Peanut Butter Crunch Bars... a copycat style recipe that's even better than the original Nestle Crunch chocolate bars! Crispy, crunchy and creamy chocolate bars with pops of rice bubbles and smooth peanut butter... prepped in just 10 minutes. #peanutbutter #crunchbars #slice #lunchbox #ricebubbles #chocolate

Tracey Moloney