Peter lorre

Explore the captivating performances of Peter Lorre, a talented and versatile actor known for his unique on-screen presence. Discover his iconic roles and delve into the world of this enigmatic artist.
I love this photo of Peter Lorre and used it to do a charcoal drawing. Old Black Men, Peter Lorre, Old Film Stars, Austria Hungary, Scary Face, Black And White Stars, Dark Arts, Classic Movie Stars, Old Hollywood Stars

Gods and Foolish Grandeur

Edit: I'm very grateful to a reader who just pointed out that this is indeed Photoshopped. I HATE this sort of thing and constantly rail against it whenever and pretty much wherever I see it. I'm usually VERY adept in spotting these things, but obviously I was more gullible ten years ago when I first posted this. In my own defense, the plague of head-switching, along with colorization, AI, and the like was not as pervasive as it is currently. And, as you can see, comparing this with the…

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