Pierre huyghe

Delve into the captivating world of Pierre Huyghe's art and experience a mesmerizing blend of imagination, creativity, and thought-provoking concepts. Discover the unique vision of one of the most innovative contemporary artists today.
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A Forest of Lines by Pierre Huyghe is a space that brings together the sacred and the profane. It blurs boundaries, eliminating the separation between the audience and the art where they can become the performance as they explore the constructed forest in the theatre made of a thousand real trees, inside the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House. Thus turning one of the most urban places in the world into a wilderness, converting a space in a way, which seems exceptionally impossible and…

Hannah Montana
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About three years ago, discussing what he planned next for his practice, Pierre Huyghe told me that he was on the hunt for a place “to grow the work to the condition I want it to grow,” perhaps a stretch of land or an old building, somewhere maybe a bit off the beaten path. “The museum […]

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