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Discover mouthwatering recipes and creative ideas for your pie maker. From sweet to savory, explore a wide range of pie options to satisfy your cravings.
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There’s so much more you can do with your pie maker than just sweet and savoury pies. Put your Kmart pie maker (or whatever brand you have) to good use with these quiche, doughnut, dumpling, scone and fritter recipes you may not have thought of.

Gail Watson
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Use your handy Kmart pie maker appliance to whip up these quick, easy, transportable and delicious dishes. We’ve got recipes for quiches, cakes, muffins and more so you’ll never run out of inspiration for your outdoor gathering with friends.

Barb Haley
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If I could choose just one pie to make in my pie maker forever, it would be pie maker meat pies. Beef is pressure cooked with red wine before being tossed in tomato paste and Worcester sauce. Loaded into mini pies with a puff pastry lid it’s the ultimate pie maker recipe.

Larry Oliver-Reed