Pirate radio

Dive into the exciting world of pirate radio and discover how these renegade broadcasters challenge the mainstream. Uncover top ideas to start your own pirate radio station and make waves in the airwaves.
Numbers Stations, Shortwave Radio, and Their Role in the Intelligence Community | Highbrow Magazine Maunsell Forts, Pirate Radio, Random Number, 21 February, Church Sermon, Shortwave Radio, Home Guard, Number Patterns, Old Time Radio

Many nights, Spooks turn on their shortwave radios and drift through the frequencies. On any given night, one can hear amateur radio stations broadcasting church sermons, utility traffic for aircrafts – with the right equipment, you can hear/contact the International Space Station. Yet one of the most eerie, mysterious uses of shortwave is that of the numbers stations: stations that feature ominous – sometimes robotic – voices saying seemingly random number patterns.